We offer low cost 3D Printing services for both rapid prototyping and low volume production. This may be to check the design and how it fits with other components before tooling, or as low volume production where tooling costs are prohibitive. One off designs are welcome too!

How We Can Help

If you already have a 3D CAD model we can print your design immediately, just contact us and send us the files. If you only have hand drawn sketches, we can draw up your model for you with our CAD design service.


3D printing allows you to develop faster, reducing time to market, and lowers your costs.

  • Fast lead time – Receive 3D printed parts within days.
  • No tooling costs and ultimate flexibility to make changes without incurring fees.
  • Durable solid plastic parts
  • True to design (Amazingly accurate geometry)


We have Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers where materials are heated and extruded through a nozzle. The plastic is precisely placed in layers which are built up to create a 3 dimensional model. A large selection of materials is available however we typically use ABS plastic as it has great strength and flexibility and is dimensionally very accurate. Sometimes support material is required to keep the design integrity while building. Our machines have a larger build volume than most allowing us to make larger components, or multiple components at one time.


  • Layer resolution of 100 microns (0.1mm)
  • Build volume up to 255mm width, 205mm depth, 205mm height
  • Colours Available: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey or White.


The cost of 3D parts varies depending on the total printed weight and the required quality. Rather than charging based on volume like other companies (where you end up paying for empty space) we find that charging based on weight is much fairer. Our rates are:

  • Setup fee: $30.00
  • Standard Rate: $0.80 per gram (recommend for most prints)
  • High Quality Rate: $1.20 per gram

For example a part that has a volume of 100mm x 50mm x 20mm, weighting 25g, the cost is as little as $50, compared to over $100 elsewhere. To get an accurate quote please contact us.