The range of skills held within the company cover almost all aspects of the electronic design of commercial products. If you have a particular design that requires a skill set you do not have available, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Schematic and PCB design

We have extensive background in schematic and PCB design using the latest CAD software which allows us to either offer assistance in the circuit design stage, or develop a solution from scratch.

PCB production

We are able to source PCB production services which are well suited for both prototype and production quantities. We also have a high level of skill in PCB assembly and re working, with the ability to solder down to 0.4mm pitch components by hand.

Firmware Development

Bentech has developed a large collection of libraries for firmware development which reduce project delays and increase product efficiency. We are proud of our extensive knowledge in firmware development for many of the micro controllers in use in the industry today.

  • We have experience in development for Microchip PIC, Atmel AVR and Texas Instruments MSP430 micro controllers.
  • We have extensive knowledge in programming in C++, C and Assembly

Software Development

  • Software design in Visual C, C++ and C# for Windows using .NET.
  • Mobile development for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Our knowledge in software development is ever increasing as we continue to design support software for customers products. If you require something developed or just assistance in your own project we would be glad to help.

Web Design

With a growing demand for remote accessibility and cloud computing technologies, devices are often connected to web servers for gathering and monitoring data, adjusting device configuration and distributing software updates. We have the capabilities in‑house to develop web software using technologies such as Java, HTML, PHP, JavaScript and SQL Databases. Contact us for more information.

Web Hosting

Bentech Hosting is able to offer web hosting for our clients to assist them in product marketing. Whether its a simple web-flyer or a large business website, Bentech Web Hosting is a great value solution offered by people who understand your product.


We have sufficient hardware and software in‑house for the majority of development requirements. For example, we have high quality soldering equipment, bench top power supplies, signal and spectrum analysers, data loggers, ISP and JTAG programmers for Atmel, Microchip and Texas Instruments micro controllers, Tektronix 60MHz 4‑Channel Colour Oscilloscopes and the necessary development software such as Altium Designer, CodeVision AVR, AVR Studio, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio etc to achieve just about any project goal.