Bentech is proud to be involved in a number of projects around New Zealand. The following are some examples of the types of projects we have been involved in.


Heat Ranger

The Heat Ranger is an agricultural frost management system designed to protect New Zealand crops from crippling frosts, right down to -6°C. Bentech Limited was fortunate enough to be approached by Fred Phillips, the Director of Hear Ranger and asked if we would develop and build the electronic control system for the machine.

The machine involves processing data from temperature sensors (both in the field and in the machine itself), rotational sensors, battery and fuel levels and even an accelerometer, in order to control the LPG burner, turret rotation, leg heights and heating distribution patterns etc. The system is smart enough to predict a frost and turn on in advance, and communicate via the internet to upload logged data, events and diagnostic information.

View the live Heat Ranger temperature data here.

Bentech Limited also provided website design services as well as ongoing product development and in-field servicing.

Mare Light

The Mare Light project is a small LED light that is mounted in the horses head mask. The purpose is to artificially extended the daylight hours during the months of July – September which fools the mare’s reproductive system into activating earlier in the year. The project involved designing an ultra low power circuit that would turn the light on at sun-down for 6 hours each day, with a battery life of up to 2 months.

Hot Water Heat Pump

Over the last few years we have worked closely with Symtech Limited to develop custom hot water heating system technologies for a client. The system monitors the water temperature at various points and ensures a consistent water return temperature, as well as system logging and diagnostics for later retrieval by a technician.

Custom Lighting Controller

Custom Lighting Controller

This project involved designing and manufacturing a custom controller for sequencing up to 12 lighting channels running from 12VDC. The controller has a series of inputs for selecting the sequence and can drive lighting of up to 5A per channel. The latest in MOSFET technology was chosen to give maximum performance for a minimum footprint. Each MOSFET measures only 3.5mm by 4mm.

Auction Manager

Auction Manager is an advanced sale management solution, offering complete control of the entire sale process, while minimizing the clients workload. Bentech Limited developed the system from the ground up, utilizing SQL database technologies to enable multi-user access, synchronized P.O.S interfacing and mobile device control. The system was developed for our partner company LEDstuff for sale and stock management and has grown to assist with customer support and business performance analysis.

Low Voltage Dimmers

Part of our work with LEDstuff is to design new and custom product solutions to compliment the LED lighting products available from LEDstuff. The project was to develop a PWM Dimmer range that will off

er customers an expandable dimmer system that can be as simple as a single wall dimmer, or multiple dimmers with remote control interfaces.