Electronic DesignDesign

We offer a superior electronic design service for customers from a range of backgrounds. From companies that require an extra engineer for the duration of a project or the expertise that is required for a particular design, to entrepreneurs that require assistance with a new product design idea. We can cover most of the design process, from assisting in the initial concept, through the schematic and PCB design and firmware development, to assistance in component sourcing and software development.



Component Sourcing

We source the best electronic components and parts for the job and target quality ensure the maximum design reliability. We deal with a range of suppliers and have a large stock on hand for rapid prototyping.



For some of our clients we remain a key partner in their project, supplying manufactured components such as assembled circuit boards, assembled modules or even complete products. This is called contract manufacturing and usually involves an agreed contract for the supply over a period of time. Whether you require volumes of 50 per annum or 5,000 per annum we work with our customers requirements.



Test Bench

Bentech Lab is capable of testing products over a wide range of requirements. Our testing processes are usually integrated with manufacturing, however we also perform a number of independent testing procedures. For example, we currently offer Taxi Camera Security System testing approved by the NZTA. We also offer repair services for faulty or damaged equipment.


Web Hosting

Bentech provides affordable web hosting services to assist our clients in marketing their new product. View our range of web hosting plans.